Updates from Dodge Pond

10:40 pm: River flows have been high, the water temperatures low and the fishing had been slow. Well, after a long awaited start, the fishing is beginning to pick up around the area. Fishing at stream inlets on ponds and lakes at sunrise have yielded very nice fish. Yesterday, 7 fish was the count, the biggest at 14”.

This morning, the waters started out very cold. It was 33 deg. last night…. in May. An hour at the most in the water and everything below the waist was numb. However, fish that moved into the current at the inlets at night were hunger for anything that floated by. I landed 3 fish this morning by dead drifting a So Co Hammer in the current just as the inlet flows into the pond. The rains came late morning and the water temperatures went up, but it took all day. Tonight at dusk, we hit another inlet with So Co Hammers and rust colored beaded Wooly Buggers and scored multiple fish most at 12” and one at 16” . We missed netting one that would have been 18” easy…….

As always, be safe and fish well.