Scott R. Whitaker

Registered Maine Fly Fishing Guide

Life member of the Maine Professional Guides Association.    Member of Trouts Unlimited

Life member of the Maine Professional Guides Association.

Member of Trouts Unlimited

Maine has a long and remarkable history of professional fishing guides. On March 19, 1897, the Maine legislature passed a bill that required all guides to register with the state. Cornelia Crosby of Strong had the honor of being the first registered guide. As a women, she was an inspiration and a role model for young girls of the time. As a Maine registered guide, she became the anchor for the outdoor sporting industry in the state as well as an icon for all future Maine registered guides.

Today, the state has rigorous tests to become a Maine Fishing Guide. One must be proficient in Map & Compass, wilderness survival, plant and wildlife identification as well and a strong knowledge of the state’s fishing regulations. Every fly fishing guide in the state has passed these tests and thus add their name to the long list of Maine Registered Fly Fishing Guides and placed themselves within that respected tradition.

I grew up in central Maine where the Kennebec and Carrabassett rivers converge. I spent many hours floating the rivers and being taught the art of fly fishing. As in your journey through the art of fly fishing, I have had the honor of learning this sport from some of the greatest people my life. My father, an Uncle and later in life my Brother in Law. All had the patents to pass on their knowledge through teaching and conversation.

Fly fishing has been a passion of mine for a long time. I would like to share that passion with you. That is why I became a Maine Registered Fishing Guide, to share that passion. So in the winter, when the mountains are filled with skiers, I am in my cabin on a small little pond in western Maine, tying flies in anticipation of opening day.

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