Greetings from Dodge Pond

1:58 PM: Well it’s April 14th 2019 and this is my first blog entry.

Yesterday was a great day on the pond. The skies were clear, the sun was bright and the air temperature was hovering around 60 degrees. The ice cap on the pond has receded about 100 yards from the mouth of Dodge Pond Stream. Water temperatures are at 38 deg. at the mouth of the inlet. Wildlife is starting emerge from their winter residences. Yesterday afternoon, a large bald eagle perched itself on the edge of the ice sheet near the open water looking for a meal. There were several good rises towards dusk, but I could not convince whatever it was that my Kennebago Smelt was a tasty meal.

This morning I woke to a sunny morning with air temperatures around 40 deg. Robins were back in-force as well as turkey, a single Barrows Goldeneye duck, a pair of Canadian Geese and deer. And I mean deer. On a rent drive to Oquossoc, I counted 43 deer in a 4 mile ride. So if you are on the roads in Rangeley at dusk, BE CAREFUL!